What Women Want in a RelationshipWhat women want in a relationship is probably one of the greatest mysteries of all time for men. Well, relationships in general can be confusing. But if you’re a guy who’s having a hard time figuring out what women want in a relationship, you may want to stick around and read the following things.

#1: Empathize With Her Negative Emotions

For men, happiness is when their partner is happy. For women, it’s a bit more complicated.

Based on a study featured in TIME Health online, results showed that women felt more satisfied in a relationship if their partners know and understand their negative emotions (e.g. anger). And it also makes them happier if their partners show their negative emotions.

#2: Your Loyalty and Honesty

Come to think of it, whoever likes to be lied to? I’m sure you don’t. So, don’t play her like a fool. Give her your 100% attention and affection. If you get into a relationship, be sure you’re mentally and emotionally committed.

#3: A Respectful Son to His Mother

I’m not referring to mama’s boys, though. And don’t even think of faking this part because women tend to be very observant. They’ll eventually blow your cover. You see, how you treat your mother, sister(s), and other women in your family will give her a good idea of how you are as a partner.

#4: Be Someone She Could Confide In

A shoulder to cry on—that’s what women want in a relationship. Even the strongest and most independent woman would need to take off her armor and pour out her frustrations, fears, and worries. You don’t really have to say anything. Just lend her your ears.

#5: Financial Security

Women will always look for this from a potential boyfriend or husband. Because, guys, the truth is money (or the lack thereof) will always affect a relationship. Love alone will not pay for your bills, grocery, dates… do I need to go on?

#6: A Partner with a Sense of Humor

Women completely adore men who make them laugh. I swear. But you don’t have to be a standup comedian to impress her. You just need to stop being so serious once in a while and look at the positive sides of things all the time.

#7: Make Her Fall in Love with You Over and Over Again

Why do women love Adam Sandler’s character in “50 First Dates”? It’s because he never got tired wooing Drew Barrymore’s character even after they married and had a daughter. And that’s what women want in a relationship.

#8: A Partner with Ambition

With ambition, I’m referring to having goals … a sense of purpose in life. Women find men who know what they want and pursue it as very attractive. Let’s face it—men who have no ambition in life tend to be slackers, lost, and contented over nothing.

What women want in a relationship is not always that easy to understand. But don’t give up. The relationship you’ve dreaming of will be yours if you keep the following things in mind!

Have a great day!

Bradley and Kelly

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