How To Make Women Want YouStill wondering how to make women want you? Well, let us save you the guesswork. Whether you’re looking to catch a date or a long-term partner, check out these must-have and deal-breaker qualities that single women judge men most.

1. Your teeth could make or break your chances. Why? Women (and even men) can quickly judge your hygiene habits just by looking at your teeth. Yup, women can be that observant. So… make sure to regularly brush, floss, and visit your dentist.

2. Brush up on your grammar. We are not making this up, really. That’s what came up from a 2013 survey done by MarketTools Inc., which was reported by USA Today. It was said that as much as 69% of women put high value on grammar when judging a potential date.

3. Settle your debts and get a job. This is what women’s survival instincts dictate. Women have a high need to feel emotionally and financially secure. That’s why a man drowning in (credit card) debt is a strong signal for a woman to steer clear from him.

Of course, she wouldn’t know that if you don’t tell her. And that brings us to the next tip on how to make women want you.

4. Having moral integrity is hot. We are not saying you should be a saint, but women just can’t resist a man who’s honest and has a sound moral character. Again, women want a date or partner who’ll make them feel secure.

5. Pay attention to your body language. For instance, fidgeting your legs or fingers give a woman the impression that you have low self-esteem, which is a major turn off.

6. Don’t be so uptight, man! Show your funny side in your conversations. Humor is the best accessory of any guy. You don’t have to be an Adam Sandler or a Mr. Bean, though. For starters, talk more about positive topics instead of how much you hate the government or your wacko ex-girlfriend.

7. Communicating what you want is another way to make women want you. Confidence and being comfortable expressing your desires and needs are traits that many women find highly desirable. After all, who has the time guessing what a guy really wants?

8. Be someone she can talk to and trust. So avoid being all over her girlfriends. That’s a really bad sign for her. It’s also not a good sign for her if a guy’s cagey and suspicious. Women can also tell if you’re trustworthy by the way you talk and interact with other people.

Of course, not all women are looking for the same things. But if you’re really paying attention, you’ll know that most women are just looking for the basic characteristics in a man. Well, we hope we have cleared some of your confusion about what women really want in a date or mate, and that you understand better now how you can make girls want you.

Ladies, did we miss anything? And guys, what tips on how to make women want you worked for you so far?

Please let us know and all the best!

Bradley and Kelly

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