If you heard about the Ex Solution Program by Clay Andrews and Mika Maddela and you want to find out if this relationship-recovery course can really help you to get back with your ex then this post is for you.

On this Ex Solution Program review we will do our best to help you understand if the Ex Solution Program is really for you by presenting you with all the details we believe you should know about this course, including the things that you will learn inside, the items that you will get and the most important pros and cons that we have found.

First of all, here is a short explanation about the Ex Solution Program that will help you understand what Clay Andrews and Mika Maddela can offer you inside their course…

Ex Solution Program

What Exactly Is The Ex Solution Program?


Created by Clay Andrews and Mika Maddela, a committed couple who has helped other couples to develop a successful and long-lasting relationship, the Ex Solution Program can be best described as a relationship-recovery course that was designed to show you exactly how to get your ex back and build a long-lasting relationship.

However, unlike many similar courses online, the Ex Solution Program is not the type of relationship-saving course that offers quick solutions by doing manipulation tricks to get your ex back. Instead, it’s a comprehensive step-by-step course that’s composed of two phases with 8 modules all in all.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most important things that you will learn from the Ex Solution Program:


  • The ropes of the active no contact rule and how this is different from what other relationship experts or courses are teaching.
  • 3 essential mindsets that you need to possess in order to better connect with your ex, prevent yourself from becoming clingy and rebuild unwavering trust with your ex.
  • How to process all of the heartaches so you can pave the way to complete healing.
  • How to become that person again which your ex fell in love with.
  • Tips on how to easily re-establish communication with your ex.
  • How to organize dates that will make your ex want more.
  • The best way to make your ex want to have a relationship with you again without coming off as needy.
  • And most importantly, how to build a stronger relationship which can last for a long time.


When you enroll in this course, Clay Andrews and Mika Maddela will provide you with several different components. For one, you get few templates, so you don’t have to rack your brains out just to know what to say to your ex. You can also download meditations to help you get rid of negativity because of the breakup.

Also, you’ll gain instant access to an online support community, wherein you can ask your most pressing relationship concerns and receive solid advice. If you’re always on the go, you can also download and listen to MP3 lessons. And lastly, you will get your hands on the PDF lessons and workbooks.

This is just a basic overview of what you can expect from the Ex Solution Program. Now, to give you a clearer idea whether to enroll in this course or not, let’s go over some of the most important pros and cons of the Ex Solution Program.

The Ex Solution Program

The Pros And Cons Of The Ex Solution Program


The Pros


Goes To The Core Of The Issue

Unlike many other relationship courses being sold online, the Ex Solution Program doesn’t offer people quick fixes, manipulation techniques, or nonsense information. It’s great to know that Clay Andrews and Mika Maddel created a solid course that goes to the core of the issue and then provides a step-by-step process on how to solve it.

Actually, the Ex Solution Program can be seen as a holistic relationship-saving course that ensures everything is taken into consideration. In this course, you’ll learn how to completely heal from the hurts and anxiety caused by your past relationship, how to make your ex fall in love with you again and how to create a better relationship which will really last.

Available In Different Learning Formats

Another great thing about the Ex Solution Program is that it’s not purely eBooks that you’ll get. Clay Andrews and Mika Maddel also offer videos and mp3 files that discuss this relationship course in an easy and understandable manner, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get your ex back and create a better relationship.

Not Overwhelming

You really don’t have to digest this whole system in one sitting. To ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed or become perplexed along the way, you’ll receive daily emails that will dissect this course into smaller and actionable steps. This format basically allows you to save your relationship one step at a time.

Receive Continuous Online Support

One of the best things about this course is that its creators are not only selling you “stuff” but they are also committed to really helping you get your ex back. You can feel free to contact them when you need sound advice or someone to listen to you.

According to Clay and Mika, they (or their trained staff) are always available to get your questions answered.

60-Day, Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Well, it’s understandable that some people might not find success with this course. If ever you feel that you’re one of these people, Mika Maddel and Clay Andrews are more than willing to give back all your money, no questions asked, within 60 days.

This guarantee allows you to try the Ex Solution Program without any risk and it is a huge advantage.


The Cons


Not A Quick Fix

The Ex Solution Program doesn’t teach you short-term tricks and tips that will discreetly manipulate your ex to saying “yes” to a new relationship and it doesn’t promise to make everything alright again without requiring you to exert any effort.

You need to understand that the Ex Solution Program requires your full cooperation and sincere desire to work things out so you can win back your ex and never have to experience another breakup.

The Price Is A Bit Higher Than Some Other Courses

The Ex Solution Program is more expensive compared to some other popular courses online on how to get your ex back (such as the Ex Factor Guide) and it may be over the budget for some people.

With that said, you don’t have to pay the full price for this course at one time and the payment can be split into two if you prefer it this way.

It’s Released Online In Digital Format Only

The Ex Solution Program is a completely downloadable course and this may prove to be a hassle for some people who like the feel of a traditional book.

However, we believe that if you really take a look at it, this is something good since you don’t have to wait for days just to get this course or pay extra for shipping and printing.

Clay Andrews Mika Maddela Ex SolutionThe Bottom Line

We must admit that the Ex Solution Program really impressed us and what we really like about this relationship-saving course is that it’s refreshing. It’s refreshing because, unlike other products, it addresses the main cause of the breakup. After all, if this is not resolved, you and your ex would just do the same mistakes over and over again.

In addition, the Ex Solution Program is far from being confusing or overwhelming. It’s great that the creators have broken down this course into different modules and offer videos and MP3s, so people can easily follow each lesson.

What’s more, Mika Maddel and Clay Andrews ensure their clients that they and their trained staff are always available to offer continuous support. Plus, you get instant access to an online support community, where you can raise your questions and collect clear answers, something that is truly important in our opinion.

With that said, the Ex Solution Program is not for everyone.

If you’re only looking for some instant solution for the short term that doesn’t require time, effort and commitment from you, then the Ex Solution Program may not be for you. In addition, the authors of this course don’t offer the same old reverse psychology tactics or other mind games that will trick your ex into coming back so if you think that this is some sort of “magic potion” then the Ex Solution Program is clearly not for you.

On the other hand, if your relationship is valuable to you and you are looking for a comprehensive step-by-step course that offers solid advice which can help you get your ex back and to have happier and more fulfilling relationship that will last for a long time, then the Ex Solution Program is absolutely worth a try.

While it is true that no course can guarantee 100% success rate, there is no doubt that the Ex Solution Program by Clay Andrews and Mika Maddel offers powerful strategies without lots of manipulation tricks that can really boost your chances to get back together with your ex for good.

Moreover, if you feel that you didn’t get the results you were hoping for you can always receive a full refund within 60 days so actually, we don’t think you have something to lose…

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That’s it for this Ex Solution Program review. We sincerely hope you have found this post helpful for you.

Good luck with winning back your ex and in building a long-lasting relationship!

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