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51 Handsome Guy Secrets review

51 Handsome Guy Secrets By Ryan Magin – Real Review


If you heard about the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program by Ryan Magin and you try to understand if this course can really help you or not, then we intive you to check our today’s review.

On this 51 Handsome Guy Secrets review we will cover Ryan Magin’s course in details, explain which topics are covered inside and talk with you about the pros and cons that you should understand about this program before making your final decision.

Firstly, let’s understand what the Handsome Guy Secrets program is all about…

51 Handsome Guy Secrets

What Exactly Is The “51 Handsome Guy Secrets”?


Created by Ryan Magin, a dating, lifestyle, and style advisor for men, the “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” (also known as the “Handsome Guy Secrets System”) is a video-based course created for men who want to achieve more in life. Inside, they’ll learn effective methods that will help them dress sharply, become physically fit, develop self-confidence and attract beautiful women.

Ryan believes that the clothes you wear reflect YOU. What’s more, they can have subtle to profound effect on your relationships, career, love life, etc. And we believe personal development coaches and stylists could agree with that. Even the most ordinary-looking guy could become very attractive just by wearing the right clothes. You’ll learn how to do that plus more through the “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” program.

More specifically, here are some ideas on what’s in store for you in the Handsome Guy Secrets system:

  • Understand why you should steer clear from clothes with logos and what clothes to wear instead.
  • Know the latest fashion trends using Ryan Magin’s sneaky tactics.
  • Learn what you should wear based on the occasion, whether it’s for a job interview, first date, or hanging out with your buddies at the bar.
  • Discover the types of jackets, boots, shoes, and shirts you must include in your wardrobe collection.
  • Learn how to shop on a budget and where to find the best deals on the hottest items online.
  • Find the hair styles that best fit your unique fashion style.
  • Know the best ways to take care of your clothes to make them last longer.
  • Know what dressing ‘1 level above’ means.
  • Understand how to dress better than others without being overdressed or awkward-looking.
  • Learn different tips on how to improve your body posture, and a lot more…

Aside from the core Handsome Guy Secrets program, you’ll also get the following free bonuses from Ryan Magin:

1.) The “Handsome Guy Secrets Quick Start Guide” that contains the top 10 items you must have to enhance your look and develop your fashion style.

2.) The “Fight Club Body Program” that contains different workouts which will help your body develop lean and strong muscles, so you can look better in your clothes.

3.) The “Trend Setters” which is a 12-week training program that includes superior methods for creating irresistible charm.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more information about Ryan Magin’s methods and the topics he covers inside his course please visit this page.

Now, if you still don’t know if the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program is for you or not, let’s go over the list of its main pros and cons…

51 Handsome Guy Secrets review

The Pros And Cons Of The 51 Handsome Guy Secrets System


The Pros


Your Ticket To Improving Yourself

Getting a stylist or life coach is not dirt cheap. There are style guides out there, but they don’t really discuss everything in one convenient book or video course. If you feel you’re unable to keep or attract the right people, opportunity, or relationships in your life, this may be just the answer to your endless wondering.

Gives Step-By-Step And Clear Information

Treat the “Complete Handsome Guy Secrets Program” as your cheat sheet. It gives you all the tricks and styling tips you need to know to look and feel good, the kind that magnetizes people to you. It shows you the stuff you must and mustn’t have in your wardrobe, as well as where to find great deals. This is a great program to start when planning to be a better version of the old you.

Offers Great Workouts For Shedding Your Beer Belly

Let’s face it. Physical fitness matters. You don’t really have to be muscular, but you need to be lean. This is why it is great that through the workout methods shared in the “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” you will be able to burn your belly fat and lose weight overall. In that way, you’ll look even better in everything you wear.

A Holistic Course

And that’s what is really great about the Handsome Guy Secrets system. It’s not just a style guide, but it also focuses on helping its users to develop a healthy mindset and fit body. When you’ve mastered all the tips and tricks Ryan Magin shared, it won’t be surprising if you’ll develop a magnetic personality that would make you stand out from the crowd.

8-Week, Money-Back Guarantee Is Available

To know if you’ll benefit from it, you obviously have to purchase it. And if within two months you’ve proven it’s a waste of time and money, it’s good to know that the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system is fully covered by a refund guarantee. We doubt you’ll ever need it, however, it is always good to have this kind of guarantee in place…


The Cons


Looking Like A Superstar Requires Money

If you want to look like a star, you got to have the money. That’s the reality. If you’re flat broke, it may take some time before you truly get rid of your not-so-good clothes and replace them with the ones Ryan Magin recommended. In addition, while completing your collection, you may want to double your time doing the workouts and mind conditioning techniques.

Difficulty Developing A Personal Style

Ryan Magin was talking about helping you develop your own style. Well, you should bear in mind that it may take some time, practice, and patience before that materializes. So, don’t give up. Keep calm. And be sure to stick to the program and follow the instructions to the letter.

A Series of Training Videos

The “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” contains a lot of videos to watch and this may cause people to get confused due to information overload. In addition, this kind of format may be a major con for people with slow or non-existent Internet connection since they simply won’t be able to take full advantage of this useful program. (The videos in the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program can be downloaded or watched online.)

Handsome Guy Secrets Program
The Bottom Line

Overall, we believe that many guys will find the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system by Ryan Magin to be very useful for them. The old adage “dress for success” is really true, and the way you look, especially the clothes you choose to wear in a particular occasion, offers people a glimpse of who you are. If you want to make a good first impression on people, you have to ‘wow’ them at first sight.

The thing that we really liked about the Handsome Guy Secrets System is that it covers everything you need to know to transform yourself (for the better) and develop a magnetic personality. It covers different topics about your clothing, physical fitness, and mindset.

If you visit Ryan’s personal blog, you’ll see how he was able to shed off all of his extra weight and developed lean muscles. So, we believe he has the credibility to include a training program, like what you’ll find in the “Fight Club Body Program” that he offers as part of the complete Handsome Guy Secrets System…

With that said, The 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program is not for everyone.

If you don’t have the spare money to invest, or if you want a “magic pill” solution, then this program may not be for you. You should understand that it can take some time to develop a personal style and to look like a star, so if you think that purchasing the Handsome Guy Secrets Program will give you instant results then you are probably going to be disappointed…

On the other hand, if you are serious about making a real change in your life, attracting the right people, and finally getting success in your relationships, then the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system can be a great choice for you. Moreover, like other legit products, this system is covered by a 60-day refund guarantee from Ryan Magin. This simply means that you can check the methods Ryan share inside his program for several weeks and if you don’t like what you learn or don’t see any change, then you can simply ask for a full refund.

This makes the Handsome Guy Secrets System a risk-free option and allows you to try it with full confidence…

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Well, that’s it for our review of the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets by Ryan Magin. We sincerely hope we managed to give you the basic information you need, and we can’t wait to hear about your transformation after trying out this program!

All the best 🙂

Bradley and Kelly

John Mulvehill Josh Lewi Seduction Mindhacks

Seduction Mindhacks Live By John And Josh – Real Review


Important update:

Hi everyone,

We just want to notify that due to several reasons (mainly poor customer support) we will not recommend the Seduction Mindhacks Live course anymore. You can contact us if you are interested in this course and want to know more about the reasons that led us to this decision.

We will keep our original review below just for reference, however it is not that relevant anymore. For a similar program that gets much better feddback from our visitiors , please check our review about Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You course.

Have a great day!

Bradley and Kelly

Seduction Mindhacks Live

What Exactly Is “Seduction Mindhacks Live”?


Created by John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis, senior executive dating coaches, authors, and founders of the Efficient Pickup company, Seduction Mindhacks Live is a video-based program that promises to teach you proven techniques which will help you have consistent success with meeting, seducing, and dating hot women – even if you’re average-looking and broke.

According to the authors, for six years they took lessons from experts before releasing the videos in the Seduction Mindhacks Live. They said men who want to be successful with women should learn how to get pass the female rational brain and trigger in her an overwhelming desire to get physical with you. This technique is called mind hacking.

In few words, here are some of the topics covered by John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis inside the Seduction Mindhacks Live course:

  • How to turn a prim and proper woman into a nymphomaniac.
  • How to meet and bang a girl you met from a bar that same night.
  • How to get over your fears of approaching women and getting rejected.
  • How to talk to women wherever they are, whether on the streets or in bars.
  • How to steer clear of common seduction errors.

Upon enrolling in the Seduction Mindhacks Live, you’ll get instant access to the following:

  • 85 private seduction and training videos – In these videos you’ll witness video footages (via hidden camera) of Josh and John demonstrating how to get hot women’s phone numbers, handle their objections, and convince them to hang out with them the same day or night.
  • 30 Day Challenge instructions (covers the night game, day game, and date strategies).
  • The Mastermind Forum.
  • Daygame Expansion.
  • A bonus, which includes a conference call.
  • New videos every other week for premium members, and much more…

For example, you’ll learn how to get pass women’s “Anti-Slut Defence.” This is basically a defense system women put up because they want some action, but they don’t want to come across as slutty. Josh and John will teach you what to do and what to say before and after in order to reassure women they’re not being a whore.

That’s just a basic overview of the Seduction Mindhacks Live system by Josh and John. For more details about this course and about the main training videos that you will find inside, you can take a look at the official website. Now, let’s continue and discuss the various pros and cons of this video-based course…

John Mulvehill Josh Lewi Seduction Mindhacks

The Pros And Cons Of Seduction Mindhacks Live


The Pros


Gives Hope To Average-Looking Guys

If you’ve been to the Seduction Mindhacks Live website, you’ll see that John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis are just your average-looking guys. They even showed pictures of their younger, nerdy selves. They’re not super rich either. In short, they look just like you. So… if they found success using their mind hacking techniques, we’re sure you can, too.

Instant Access To Valuable Training And Demonstration Videos

The videos John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis share inside the members’ area are really a goldmine, and we didn’t see any similar video course online until now that offers so much information as this one, for such a low price.

The training videos by John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis have a running time of more than 200 hours, and they all come in high definition format. We believe this type of teaching format makes it easier for people to absorb the lesson, including Josh and John’s approaching styles.

We also must admit that based on the videos we saw so far, we believe you’ll learn how to pick up women without being annoying, rude, or completely unethical. It doesn’t matter if your target is married, in school, a hired gun, a stripper, or whatever. The videos inside this course really cover almost any possible scenario.

Credible And Skilled Authors

John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis have been doing these for a long time. Josh, for instance, has started doing cold approaches since he was 16 years old. Now, they’re the founder and senior executive coaches of their company called Efficient Pickup, which offers live boot camps for men who would love to learn practical, efficient, and step-by-step methods to improve their game and finally get the women they want.

Easy To Understand But Very Effective Methods

We believe that members who have taken some seduction and dating courses online before will be fairly surprised at how simple it is to understand the theories and instructions given by Josh and John inside their Seduction Mindhacks Live system. In fact, they attributed around 80% of their successes with hot women to their teachings.

However, what really makes the Seduction Mindhacks Live stand out is that it focuses on pulling (or convincing a woman on the first meeting to go somewhere with the purpose of getting laid). If you ask any pickup artist, they’ll say this is hard because this will require a person to create overwhelming sexual tension, comfort, and trust.

Useful Free Gifts

The last time we checked, Josh and John offered a one month access for their ‘Mastermind Forum’ for ALL members completely free of charge. (We recommend you regularly check that section to connect with other members and share your successes and concerns.) A valuable bonus video clip is also offered every other week.

You Can Take Advantage Of The 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not ready to make that investment yet, it’s good to know you could still try the Seduction Mindhacks Live risk free. You can get back every penny you spent within two months if you don’t get any results despite your best efforts.

Considering all the video material and detailed instructions that are offered inside the course, there is no doubt that this is a very generous offer from Josh and John…


The Cons


Takes Some Time To Get Results

Okay, let’s be realistic, guys. This is not a “magic pill” training course. According to those who’ve tried it, you should expect high rejection rate – at least on the first few days. We think this is because you’re still trying to absorb what you learned and become familiar with the authors’ approaching styles. However, after several days or few weeks you’ll probably start getting great results that will just get better and better over time.

No Articles Or PDF Guides Available

It’s not entirely necessary – since the videos are already great – but relevant articles would have been great additions in our opinion. Well, let’s wait and see. Perhaps they’re going to be made available soon (we hope).

Online-Based Course

The Seduction Mindhacks Live is purely online-based and if you don’t have a reliable and fast internet connection you’ll have a hard time watching the HD training videos.

It would have been great if the Seduction Mindhacks Live would also be available in DVD format. It would be a perfect alternative for people who have slow internet connection or don’t have any internet at home at all…

Seduction Mindhacks review
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that “Seduction Mindhacks Live” is the real deal. It’s extremely effective, easy to learn, and really contains everything you need in order to improve your game and finally get the women you deserve, without making you look like a loser preying on drunk or high women.

What we really like about Seduction Mindhacks Live is the step-by-step training videos that Josh and John offers inside (both the actual field footages and analytical breakdown of the interactions). We feel this format is a lot better than reading all the lessons in PDF or paperback versions…

With that said, Seduction Mindhacks Live is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you have poor internet connection, then unfortunately it can be hard for you to watch all the HD videos that are offered at the members’ area of the Seduction Mindhacks Live course. In addition, please remember that this is not a “magic pill” that will help you get any woman you want immediately and if you expect to be a master pickup artist on the first night, then Seduction Mindhacks Live is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of getting rejected by hot women (or even trolls) every night and you are looking for advice from experienced and skilled coaches that won’t charge you thousands of dollars for live boot camps or personal meetings, then Seduction Mindhacks Live is a great option for you.

This course comes at a very affordable one-time price, and best of all, the two-month refund guarantee that John Mulvehill and Josh Lewis provide actually makes their Seduction Mindhacks Live completely risk-free to try…

Well, that’s it for our Seduction Mindhacks Live review. We hope you have found this review informative, and good luck with improving your game and getting laid 🙂

Bradley and Kelly

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