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Text That Girl By Race dePriest – Detailed Review


If you heard about Text That Girl by Race dePriest and you wonder if this guide can really help you in your dating life or not, then we invite you to join us for few minutes and to check our today’s review.

On this Text That Girl review we will cover this dating guide in details, explain to you what Race dePriest will teach you inside, and provide you with information about the most important pros and cons which you should understand about Text That Girl before making a final decision.

Firstly, here are some details about Race dePriest and the basics of its guide…

Text That Girl

What Exactly Is Text That Girl?


Created by Race dePriest, a recognized top pickup artist and self-proclaimed “text messaging samurai,” Text That Girl is a guide that reveals specific text messages, language, and step-by-step system men can use in order to take full control of women’s emotions effortlessly.

According to Race, Text That Girl is a collection of the exact powerful text messages he used for the past five years prior to the creation of this guide, which is divided into seven modules.

So, what are exactly the things you’ll learn from the Text That Girl guide? Well, here’s a brief overview of what Race will teach you:

  • 3 irresistible ways to ask any girl on a date, which can be especially helpful for guys who find it hard to ask a girl out.
  • 4 easy techniques for removing the uneasiness during your first date.
  • Advice on how to put a smile on her face every single time you ask her a question.
  • Tips on how to make her think she’s the one chasing after you, although the opposite is true.
  • The right way to create urgency in women, so they’ll respond to your texts right away.
  • 2 powerful tips on how to make your voice attractive and commanding.
  • How to casually ask for her contact number during your conversation.
  • The right reply to the question “who is this?” and how to trigger a woman’s curiosity.
  • Texts you should clearly avoid when contacting her for the first time.
  • The smart way to end a text conversation while leaving her wanting more.
  • 3 essential elements that should appear in your first text in order to solicit the best possible reply from any woman.
  • Effective psychological principles that will make her want to communicate with you again in case she stopped replying to your texts.
  • Useful information on how to go on a date with several women all at once.
  • Advice on the “advanced preventive anti-flaking method”, and a lot more…

These are just some of the interesting things you’ll learn from the Text That Girl guide. For more information on other topics that Race dePriest covers inside and about the seven modules of his system you can check this page.

Now, here are some of the major pros and cons of the Text That Girl guide which we think you should know…

Text That Girl review

The Pros And Cons Of Text That Girl


The Pros


The Wealth Of Information Is Startling

We must admit that the Text That Girl guide covers almost every possible scenario that you may get yourself stuck in, and this is no surprise for us that most users who bought the guide were really amazed on how much information Race dePriest shared inside. Really, this can be considered more as a “texting dating coach”, who’s always ready to give you the right answers, so you won’t mess things up.

Race Depriest Is One Of The Best In The Industry

Text That Girl was not created by a newbie or unknown author. It turns out Race was included in’s list of top pick up artists of the year, and he was ranked number eight in the list.

Previously, he won the “Best Text Game” award by the Global Pickup Conference held in New York, and he has also created other guides besides Text That Girl.

What we try to say is that Race dePriest is a real expert and someone that can be trusted.

Builds Self-Confidence

Do you struggle getting women to give you their numbers? Do you always get rejected and wonder what you did wrong? By the time you finished and applied everything written in the Text That Girl guide, we’re sure you’re going to be a texting guru in your own right. No more embarrassing replies, unresponsive text mates, or failing to get the women you like, just because you do the wrong things.

The Results Can Come Pretty Fast

Based on user feedbacks, the methods that Race dePriest described inside his guide can help you get pretty fast results. If you just follow all of Race’s tips, you’ll see how you’re able to take full control of your conversations and the emotions of the women you’re texting.

Covered By A 60-Day Guarantee

If within two months you feel this guide wasn’t able to deliver the promised results, feel free to email the customer service support team of Text That Girl, so all of the money you invested will be returned to your account. Although the refund rate of this guide is extremely low, it is always good to have a full money back guarantee as this one in your pocket…


The Cons


Not A Fool-Proof System

Well, Race dePriest didn’t exactly say that his system has no chance of failing, so you should keep your expectations in reasonable levels. Try to condition your mind that there may be a slight chance that you’ll encounter a few failures once in a while, and make sure you study, familiarize, and keep applying this system in order to get the best possible results.

Available As A Digital Guide Only

Text That Girl is a digital product in PDF format that can be purchased only online. If you prefer something you could actually hold in your hands, you may have to settle with a printed copy of this guide.

Can Be Used For The Wrong Intentions

Let’s face it. The techniques and tips given in this guide are so effective that almost any man could just use this to toy with women’s feelings. Well, if you know that you don’t have good intentions, please just skip this product…

Race dePriest Text That Girl
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that Text That Girl by Race dePriest worth every cent. We feel confident that everything that’s shared inside has a high chance of success because of the feedback we get from users and because of the experience of the author, who is one of the top pick up artists and texting gurus in the industry.

We’re sure you’ll be surprised at how comprehensive this guide is, and it really has answers to almost all of your most pressing concerns and struggles. All you really have to do is bring this along with you, so you would know what to do or say when she texts you.

Most users said that the results of the methods inside Text That Girl are literally immediate, which is also a big plus…

With that said, the Text That Girl eBook is not for everyone.

If you’re going to use this with bad intentions, if you believe this is a fool-proof system, or if you prefer reading a paperback or watching video tutorials instead of reading from a guide, then Text That Girl may not be a great option for you.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling on how to communicate (through text) and get a date from women, or if you’re tired of being rejected and treated like an invisible man, then the Text That Girl guide can be a great option for you.

Moreover, considering the fact that this guide is protected by a two-month refund policy, we don’t see any reason why you should not take it for a “test drive”…

Click Here To Get The Text That Girl Guide At The Lowest Price Available Online And Start Following Race dePriest’s Proven Step-By-Step Methods Today!

Well, that’s everything for this review, guys. We really hope you find this resource informative, and we sincerely hope you become a “text messaging samurai” soon!

Bradley and Kelly

Ageless Attraction

Ageless Attraction by Jason Douglas & Bad Boy – Real review


Important news:

It seems that the Ageless Attraction system was changed since the first time we reviewed it, and after going through the program again we decide that we will not recommend it anymore. There are simply better options at better price online. Anyway, just in case you will need it, our original review can be found below. Thanks and all the best!

Bradley and Kelly

Ageless Attraction

What Exactly Is The Ageless Attraction System?


Created by Jason Douglas, an average 51-year-old divorcee with no right leg, Ageless Attraction is a new dating course that reveals easy yet effective methods that were designed to make you irresistible to women you desire, without cheesy pickup lines, misleading tricks, or tacky seduction techniques.

Jason Douglas says that the Ageless Attraction system is actually based on the proven methods by Dan Nesek, also known by the alias “Bad Boy“, which is a famous pickup artist that was awarded as the number one pickup artist worldwide for two consecutive years in Las Vegas.

Jason met Dan when he flew all the way to Europe to attend one of his dating boot camps, and as a result they collaborated and created the Ageless Attraction system which offers the public a user-friendly version of the exact methods that Dan Nesek teaches in his private boot camps, but without the need to pay $1000’s for it.

In a nutshell, the Ageless Attraction program offers 12 main sections that Jason Douglas calls “Bad Boy’s 12 attraction secrets”, and here is a short description of each one of them:

Secret #1: proven techniques for “older men” who want to date or sleep with younger women, like those half their age.

Secret #2: Explanations on why she doesn’t respond to your texts (or calls) even though she gave you her contact number.

Secret #3: Bad Boy’s “Eye Flash” technique that will make women love you at first sight.

Secret #4: This secret will help you sleep with women, even those who have been ignoring you for months.

Secret #5: This secret will teach you five methods for making the woman you want give her 100% love and attention to you.

Secret #6: Step-by-step advice on how to stop being friend zoned.

Secret #7: This secret will share three major mistakes guys commit when setting up their first date.

Secret #8: This section will explain to you how to make sure you’ll have a steady supply of desirable women using the “Planting Sex Seeds” method.

Secret #9: Explanations on the “Magic Wand” trick that will help you turn good or shy girls naughty.

Secret #10: ten sexual tension techniques that will make women sleep with you over and over.

Secret #11: Words you can say to take full control of the conversation and trigger an overwhelming desire in her to impress you.

Secret #12: This section will help you know what to do or how to act during first dates.

These are just some of the main things you’ll learn inside the Ageless Attraction program. For more information about Bad Boy’s techniques and about the other things that you will find inside this dating course you can take a look at the official site.

Now, let’s go over some of the most important pros and cons and understand better if Ageless Attraction is really the right choice for you…

badboy Dan NesekThe Pros And Cons Of The Ageless Attraction System


The Pros


Author Credibility Checked

Who the heck would give himself an alias like Bad Boy? Is Dan Nesek a figment of Jason’s imagination? We asked the same questions when we first encountered the Ageless Attraction program. That’s why we investigated if Bad Boy does exist.

It turns out that Dan Nesek or Bad Boy is Danijel Nesek in real life. He’s a Croatian and was a pro ping pong player until his career was cut short due to an accident that left him with partial movement restriction.

He was one of the firsts who offered dating coaching services in Eastern Europe and he was also one of the first members of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community. Dan started offering summer “pick up” boot camps in Croatia back in 2003 for a large number of men, and he is considered as one of the leading dating coaches in Europe for a long time.

What we try to say is that the methods inside Ageless Attraction were designed by a real dating expert which already helped lots of men in their relationship life. This is not another one of these dating courses online that offer the same advice by guys without any real experience in the field.

Easy To Understand

You won’t have a hard time memorizing all the methods you’ll learn inside the Ageless Attraction system, and in fact, you would probably grasp everything in 15 to 30 minutes.
Of course, you will still need to apply each technique you find applicable to your situation in order to get the results you want.

Not A “Picking Up” Dating Program

Confusing, right? According to Jason Douglas and our research, Dan Nesek is not active anymore as a pickup artist. He’s over with hyped up seduction techniques, and the Ageless Attraction program was created to help men become equipped with the right knowledge and approach to get the woman they desire, and even get their exes back, without all the same cheesy pickup lines.

A Ray of Hope For Many Men

Whether you’ve been friend zoned, ignored until your eyeballs turned all white, or shunned by every woman you liked, we personally believe that you can still benefit from the Ageless Attraction program. In simple words, when you learn all the techniques Bad Boy and Jason Douglas shared in this program you’ll feel more confident about getting any woman you desire.

60 Days Guarantee Offered By The Authors

Bad Boy And Jason Douglas allow you to try their Ageless Attraction system for entire two months, and they promise that if you end up with zero dates you will get every cent you invested back.
This guarantee sounds like a fair deal to us and it allows you to try the Ageless Attraction program with no risk at all.


The Cons


Price Issue

Admittedly, Ageless Attraction is on the pricey side and it cost a bit more than most dating and relationship guides found online these days. On the other hand, if you compare the price of this program to the cost of Bad Boy’s Croatia summer pickup training (which costs thousands of dollars), this program is definitely a lot cheaper and more affordable choice.

Tendency To Be Abused By Users

Like other dating and relationship guides, there’s always that possibility users would go crazy and just use the techniques to hurt other people’s feelings in order to fulfill their own selfish needs and wants. So, if you decide to use the advice inside the Ageless Attraction course, please use it wisely with feelings, if you catch our drift.

A Digital Dating Course

Ageless Attraction is marketed in eBook format and you can’t buy it offline. If you are looking for a real book to hold in your hands or for a physical DVD that will be shipped to your doorstep, then you will probably be a bit disappointed with this one.

Bad Boy Ageless Attraction ReviewThe Bottom Line

Overall, we strongly believe that Ageless Attraction is worth checking out and it can be a very helpful course for lots of men around the world.

What we liked about this dating course is that the methods used are based on Dan Nesek’s years of research, experience, and expert knowledge, so we feel pretty confident that this program can work for most people as advertised.

In addition, it’s also easy to understand and implement everything Jason Douglas and Bad Boy shares inside this course, and we have no doubt that most men won’t have any problems applying this in their life.

We also like that this course was designed to work for any types of men, regardless of their age, looks, financial status, or whatsoever. The methods taught here are not only for picking up new dates or sleeping with women, but they could also be used to get back your ex or attract the woman of your dreams.

With all that said, Ageless Attraction is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re on a tight budget then this course may be too expensive for you. In addition, you should understand that purchasing the Ageless Attraction system, reading the material inside and not taking any action after that will be just a waste of your time and money.

In order to get the results Bad Boy and Jason Douglas promise you must put your skepticism aside and to take real action. If you are not planning to do so then Ageless Attraction is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve been out of the dating game for a long time, if you’re totally clueless how to attract women, or if you simply always get friend-zoned, then Ageless Attraction is definitely a great option for you.

Moreover, these days Jason Douglas and Dan Nesek offer a special discount for their complete Ageless Attraction system, and together with their 60 day money-back guarantee promise we personally believe that this course is absolutely worth a try…

We hope that our Ageless Attraction review was helpful for you. Thanks for the visit and all the best!

Bradley and Kelly

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