how to attract a woman you wantAre you wondering how to attract a woman? One thing’s for sure, you don’t need to be ruggedly handsome to make great-looking women fall for you. The only thing you need is to have the right strategy and qualities. Take these tips on how to attract a woman as references.

Strategy #1 – Just Go Ahead and Approach Her

Most beautiful women love guys who are real gutsy. The fact that you can approach her confidently and respectfully is already a sign of confidence and power, which they find attractive qualities in men.

Reminder: Make sure you’re sober when you do this.

Strategy #2 – Wow Her with Your Humor

This one’s a tried and tested strategy for attracting women. Even the most hard to get woman can’t resist a funny guy. If you can make her laugh, you can probably get her to do 99.9% of anything you want, like giving her contact number and full name or even let you take her home.

Strategy #3 – Think and Act Like an Alpha Male

Women are attracted to alpha males for a number of reasons. Firstly, they give the impression that they have everything under control. Secondly, women feel that they can fulfill all their desires. Thirdly, they’re go-getters.

So drop the shy guy aura. Learn how to become an alpha male. Make sure you master the art of seduction, correct body language and posture, and work on your self-confidence. When go in a club or party, think like a millionaire or a highly successful individual in order to give off that alpha male vibe.

How to attract a woman additional tip: Practice how to become an alpha male every single day until it becomes second nature to you.

Strategy #4 – Do the Forward-Retreat Strategy

Women love to analyze men. What does he think of her? Does he like her? What did she do wrong? Use that to your advantage.

For instance, in a friend’s party, talk to a woman you like for only a brief period. When you get to an interesting part of your conversation, politely excuse yourself. Perhaps you could go to the bathroom or tell her you need to make an important call.

When you get back, make sure to mingle with other people. Avoid meeting her gaze. You’ll surely drive her curiosity to the roof by doing this.

Strategy #5 – Share Something about Yourself

In short, show your true identity. Sure, you have to tweak some information to make things interesting, but never falsely represent yourself.

Do you know what else women find sexy in men? Women like it when men talk about their life passions, future goals, past (not past relationships, though), and something like those things. This never fails to woo any woman because, for them, it’s like showing your vulnerable side.

Did the following things answer your question on how to attract a woman? Well, I really hope so. If I missed anything, feel free to give your thoughts and ideas on how to attract a woman… Good luck!

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